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About us

“Bahujan Ekta Mission” is for explaining the path shown by “Dr. Ambedkar” to every citizen of India and the Rights and Obligations given in the Constitution. The “Bahujan Ekta Mission” does not believe in any Caste, Religion or Gender-discrimination, it will work to connect all with Equal faith. The main role in the mission will always be on Social, Economic knowledge as well as Political knowledge and Self-Respect.

The “Ambedkaristic Mission” on which we are working is working like a mountain full of difficulties, but we believe that we will certainly be successful in this mission by taking the confidence of everyone.
There are five main points of the “Bahujan Ekta Mission” – Education, Health, Women-Empowerment, Equality and Bahujan-Unity. These five key points will be helpful in making India’s Exploited, Poor, Deprived and Backward society illuminating the dark environment.

Jai Bheem Jai Samajwad Jai Samvidhan Jai Bharat